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different media, disciplines and industries.

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Hey I'm Virginia

I help art and creative businesses communicate their vision and market their identity through radical and relevant content that will rapture the digital world.

Do you want your voice to speak louder and create your signature style?

I’ve got your back!

My writing will make your business identity stand out through seriously radical, useful and catchy pieces.


I specialize in contemporary art and culture trends editorials; artists and creative people interviews and profile articles; exhibitions and events reviews; long form informative blog posts; press releases and email marketing for events and new creative products.


I write entertaining and useful content that pulls visitors toward your website, brings them closer to your brand, engages them and converts them into customers as well as loyal followers!!


  • Long form blog posts/ ultimate-guide blog posts

  • Web copies

  • Newsletters

  • Email marketing strategy for creative products and art-related events

  • Content writing for social media

  • Social media marketing strategy for creative products and art-related events

  • Press releases

  • Content writing for promotional cards, brochures and catalogues

  • Art exhibitions/ events reviews

  • Interviews to artists and creatives

  • Profile articles

  • AD/Sales pages for galleries and art organizations

  • Event proposals

  • Artist and creative brands statements

  • Art Research Papers 


My content will make your ideas slash the creative industry through lead-generating copies and posts that will make your audience go WOW!

My work is focused on my clients 100%. I aim at increasing your target audience and their opt-in rate by giving them the right balance of culturally relevant and informative posts, catchy copies and strategic online marketing THAT DOESN’T BOTHER!


 I guide my clients' target audience from awareness to action, from lead to prospect.


Writer. Born and raised in Rome. Became an adult in New York, where I lived for nearly 10 years. 

In the past 5 years I've been a full time digital nomad, being based between Miami, Tulum, Barcelona and Ibiza. 

I hold a BA in Art History and an MA in Art Management. 


I have over a decade of professional experience in art curating and content writing, copywriting and digital marketing for the art and creative industries. 


I am mainly self-taught because I believe the best way to learn something is by doing it. I've mostly worked independently as I don't dig authority, hierarchies and uniforms. 

DIY is my lifestyle's philosophy, my vision for creativity and work ethic. 

My writing specializes in contemporary culture and trends editorials; artists and creative people interviews and profile articles; exhibitions and events reviews.


In 2011, following my passion for traveling, I co-founded a boutique travel&hospitality agency called CREAM* Hotel (*Creative Real Estate Art + Mktg), where I'd worked as COO, content creator, copywriter and events organizer until 2018.   


As of this year, together with my husband and partner, we are launching our new brand Partners In Crime. It's a creative agency and online shop that gathers our visual and writing skills into services like: content writing, digital marketing, illustration, graphic and web design. It is also an online shop where we sell original artworks, limited edition prints and urban-style clothing with our brand's signature designs.

It's a fully location independent business, created by freelancers for radical brands and companies. 


After years of first-hand experience, I've recently started writing tips and stories about freelancing, remote working, creative entrepreneurship and how to successfully live the digital nomad lifestyle. STAY TUNED...


I'm currently in the process of making Berlin my home-base. 


Want to keep up with my (bumpy!) nomad freelance journey and learn the secrets to this lifestyle?