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Hello I'm Stephan, Self-taught illustrator,

graphic and web designer, I was born and raised in the suburb of Marseille (France). 

I moved to New York in my mid 20's to complete my masters degree in Communication & Advertising.  What was supposed to be an 18-month program turned out to be the 10 most intense, unpredictable and influential years of my life.  There I met and and married my wife & partner in crime: Virginia.

We then spent few years living between Miami (US) and Tulum (Mexico), until 2017, year we settled down in Barcelona (Spain) after more than a decade in the US.

Barcelona is where I started learning the art of tattooing and also where Virginia & I had the idea behind our new brand:  Partners in Crime.


After a year in Italy, I recently moved to Berlin (Germany), making it our new base and ground zero for Partners in Crime.


I learned to converge the fields of marketing and communication with design, arts and crafts.  Stemming from the past 15 years, those notions, merged with contemporary culture make up my inter-disciplinary practice today.

My Approach

I handcraft culturally relevant, branded content to engage your audience and establish a emotional connection between them and your brand.

My interest in diverse visual cultures, folklore and society drives me towards figurative work. My illustrations explore themes such as human behavior, Northern renaissance art and criminal tattoo counter-culture.


Under the alias LUCKY B$TRD,

I tattoo,  draw original artworks and produce limited edition prints and streetwear.  

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My Services


Graphic & Web Design


Video Editing

Branding & Guerrilla Marketing

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